Tommy was a lonely child. He grew up on a farm and didn't have many friends. His favorite pastime was to read horror stories to his friend Jack. But he wasn't an ordinary friend, he was the Farms scarecrow. "Old Jack Ravenseed", Tommy called him. His parents would find Tommy sitting in the cornfields telling Jack the newest and scariest stories he could find.  Witches, Gobblins, Zombies, And Skeletons, Tommy loved anything scary and would tell Old Jack about them all. At school, the other kids made fun of Tommy and how he spent too much time in the cornfields. One night, a group of his classmates decided to spy on Tommy. They caught him out there telling Jack about a movie he had just watched. The bullies decided to pick on Tommy some. They jumped out and started making fun of Tommy's imaginary friend. Tommy started yelling back at them and tell them how he wished all the monsters were real so they could kill the bullies. One of the bullies named Paul didn't like that and shoved Tommy as hard as he could. Tommy stumbled backwards towards Jack. He tripped and hit his head on a rock at the base of the Scarecrow. The bullies started to panic. They didn't know what to do. They went to check Tommy's pulse and couldn't find anything. While they were all focused on Tommy, they heard a weird rustling sound. They all looked up and noticed the Scarecrow was gone. Off in the distance they heard a howl. Then other strange noises started coming from the fields around them. Again they panicked and started looking to the surrounding fields, when one of them noticed Tommy's body was gone as well. Paul started to feel relieved. This meant he didn't kill Tommy. He tried to calm everyone else down, but the noises got louder and louder and had them all scared. Someone noticed a weird set of eyes staring at them through the corn stalks. Then more sets of eyes started to appear. All the sudden Paul was wrenched up from the ground. All his buddies were shocked to see Paul held up in the air by none other than Old Jack Ravenseed. Jack said "Tommy was a good friend, better than any of you. I've taken him to where no one can hurt him anymore. As for you, I've decided to grant his final wish. You will soon be able to meet some of Tommy's favorite monsters. And I don't think they will like you." With that, he swung Paul as hard as he could into the cornfield. The others just heard Paul's screams. None of those bullies made it out of that field that night. Legend has it that you can still hear the bullies screams and see Tommy's monsters if you go near the fields. And Old Jack Ravenseed watches everyone that comes near.

Whitaker Bank Ballpark

207 Legends Lane

Lexington Ky, 40505

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