Abigail Vanderghoul was a widow who ran her own hotel.  Her husband had passed a few years back and left her with a medium sized hotel to run.  Many businessmen tried to acquire her fine hotel.  A few even tried to win the hand of the fair widow, in hopes of gaining the business as well. Abigail was smarter than that though.  She ran her business well with what she had learned from her late husband.  She had one of the finest hotels in the region.  A local businessman named William Samuel was none too happy with the competition. With the help of some local tradesmen, he set out to ruin Abigail.  Strange accidents started occurring in the Vanderghoul Hotel, many resulting in tragedy and death.  One patron's gas lantern went out and the gas killed the hotel guest.  A brick fell off of a balcony and killed another guest.  One guest had a tumble down the stairs and never lived long enough to say if she'd been pushed. William's plan was working. He proceeded to spread lies about Abigail.  He began to insinuate that these weren't accidents at all, and that Abigail may be behind the sudden death toll at her hotel. William had enough clout in society, that his words had some weight to them, true or not.  The town started to turn on Abigail.  Some locals even began calling her hotel "the Nightmare Hotel".  Business started to dwindle and Abigail couldn't pay her staff anymore.  After seeing what her late husband's dream had become, Abigail, in a saddened state, hung herself in the lobby of her hotel.  William was quick to purchase the hotel from the estate of the late Abigail Vanderghoul.  He began renovating it as quick as possible, and his new hotel was opened within a year.  Guests started talking about weird things that happened in the hotel. Strange deaths also started to occur.  Less than six months after the hotel reopened, they found William hanging from the same spot Abigail was.  He had a note in his hand that read, "This is her hotel!"  A few hotels have tried to open up there, but none of them last. It's still Abigail's Nightmare Hotel.

Whitaker Bank Ballpark

207 Legends Lane

Lexington Ky, 40505

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